My Right Knee

After many years of suffering from osteo-arthritis, I finally "qualified" for total knee replacements in 2011! Having been lucky enough in my life to only have ever had out-patient procedures, the concept of six to eight weeks recuperation seemed daunting, to say the least! On the other hand, what better time to try out hand quilting techniques I had not done before <VBG>! My right knee was scheduled for Janaury. Over time, I had purchased some stencils, I had fabric and batting to pull from my stash and I drew out a pattern I liked. Not only did the project take me thru the Winter, it was an extra bonus to have the qult on my lap to keep me toasty as I worked ... here is the result.

Center detail

Border detail

This is my first Nana Quilt to be saved for a grandchild who comes to visit us one day in the future ...