A Mother's Love Grows Forever

Sometimes we love them, and sometimes we think we hate them, but when we lose them early, it is very, very hard. I lost my own mother at 38 and have missed her ever since. When I learned that a young friend's mother had been diagnosed with leukemia, with very little time left, it just about broke my heart. Her mother died very soon. Earlier that Spring, a coyote killed our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sophie. While her mother was sick, our friend's Cavalier was "suddenly" pregnant with an "oops" litter. She promised us our pick of the litter - we ended up taking two of the pups and are thrilled with Buster and Gracie! As I drove to see the pups for the first time, I had a brainstorm ~ I would offer to make a quilt out of my friend's mother's shirts as a momento. My friend and her father were grieving by working hard in their garden ~ pruning like crazy, digging up "too many succulents" and replanting wonderful new plants like crazy people. A garden themed quilt seemed very appropriate for this quilt ... Each square is pieced using parts of each of the shirts. I added trellis fabric and a binding, made of her mother's favorite pair of jeans, then used the remainder of the shirts to piece a backing. I embellished the trellis heavily with an embroidered vine and flowers. In the six months since our lives have become even more interwoven, our friendship has grown as we have shared more serendipities. Thus the corner squares are spider webs, representing the webs life weaves when we least expect it. Here is the resulting quilt ~ you can click here to see a close-up of each square.