Essential Elements

This wedding quilt was a different kind of challenge. It was designed for a couple who had more life sxperience at a young age than many. They used unconventional ways in the way they began life together, but use a fairly conventional approach to love and family. They love the outdoors and I wanted to try my hand at Japanese Sashiko Embroidery. I was thrilled to find a set of patterns representing the Essential Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, plus another that was a set of overlaping hearts and a quilt pattern evolved. I used alternating squares of solid and batik blue for the background and sashing strips made out of colors the couple chose. Embroidery was sone using pearl cotton plus metallic threads to make the patterns "pop." The quilt is machine pieced, hand embroidered and hand quilted. To see close-ups of the squares, Click Here. The quilt label states:

Life is about ups and downs and trying to maintain balance along the way
The dark times allow the jewel-tones of wondrous events to stand out vividly
You are well on your way!