"Traveling the Globe with Apples and Pears"

My Mother-in-Law turns a proud 90-years-young in October 2009. When I think of her over the almost 45 years I have known her, I think of postcards coming from everywhere she traveled, theme parties, and a heart always in the right place, even if we did not always share opinions. Her love, concern and loyalty towards her husband, William, is abundant and evident. She loves pretty things, good food, and good wines, often served with an apple or pear and a slice of good cheese. Her son calls her "mindful," meaning she uses her quick brain constantly - it was not uncommon for any of us to receive, out of the blue, little clippings from her newspaper that she thought might be of interest or use to one of us. Visiting their combined ten children and many grandchildren at least twice a year has kept their lives active and full. Putting all this together, I created a lap quilt to honor the occasion, and big enough for two to snuggle underneath,

The pattern is a variation of "Around the World" in which one block pattern is turned every which way, using a variety of color combos to create a unique overall pattern. I had found some apple fabric and some pear fabric when we visited them last Spring and combined this with shades of lavender and pink that we have seen her use over the years. I used thick batting and a "quick quilt" hand-quilting technique that I learned as a kid in which by using stronger tatting/crochet threads, and a larger stitch size, the result is a warm, snuggly, informal quilt. I embellished the quilt with some embroidery, also using tatting/crochet threads of many colors.

As I worked the quilt, I realized it could be used with either side up. My hope is that with this little quilt she enjoys many more years of cozy pleasure.

the front ...

the back ...

... and in case anyone was wondering, yes, this quilt was fully Pet-Approved by Buster and Lucy who just would not stay off it even if I walked away for a teeny moment. Using a new definition of "de-furring" before washing became a definite necessity ... the label goes on next and it gets delivered next week.